Vita Vibe Twirling Batons

Designed for both the advanced twirler and the serious beginner.  Vita Vibe Professional Twirling Batons are made in the USA and are available in three diameters in lengths from 14” to 34”.

Our hex shaped ball and tips are molded from our specially formulated dead rubber to reduce bounce and prevent the baton from rolling away if dropped.

Whether you are looking for a traditional steel shaft baton or our exclusive state of the art carbon fiber baton, Vita Vibe has the selection to fit your needs. 

Any Size - Any Length - The Same Low Price. High Tech Carbon Fiber: $30.95, Powdercoated Chromoly Steel $28.95.

Selecting the Proper Baton Size

Choosing the best size baton is a fairly simple task.  First determine the best shaft diameter.  3/8” is the standard and most common shaft size for most twirlers.  However,
Twirlers with smaller hands may prefer the 5/16” (thinner) shaft diameter while twirlers with larger hands may find that the 7/16” (thicker) shaft is more comfortable.  If you are unsure you should go with the 3/8” standard shaft or ask your twirling coach if available.

Measuring for the correct baton length.  With one arm raised and hand open parallel with the floor, measure from the base of your neck to the tip of your longest finger.  (It is best to have someone else take this measurement for you)  If your measurement includes a fraction of one inch then round up to the next whole inch if you are an advanced twirler or round down to the whole inch if you are a beginner.
Example:  If the base of your neck to the tip of your longest finger measures 25-1/2” you will want to order a 26” long baton if advanced or 25” if a beginner.

If you are ordering as a gift or simply cannot get a measurement please use the following guide for the length and go with the 3/8” standard diameter.

Years of Age        Length 
3 – 5                         17” 
6 – 7                         19”
8 – 11                       21”
12 – 14                     25”
15 – 18                     27”
19 – Over                 29”

NOTE:  This is only a guide and accounts for the average size.  It does not replace the importance of taking actual measurements.  If the user is tall for their age or an advanced twirler then add one inch to the length and if short for their age or a beginner twirler deduct one inch from the length.  

Vita Vibe Twirling Batons