Should you build PVC Parallettes or buy parallettes?

Posted by VitaVibe on 7/12/2016 to News
Parallettes are a great thing to have in your home gym. Working out with parallettes can do wonders to your core and upper body in general. There are many people out there that build their own parallettes from different materials. One very common material is PVC. All it takes is one google search on how to build PVC parallettes and you will find tons of information.There are many good guides online about PVC parallettes. They are not too complicated to build and will work okay for some people. The problem with them is that they often cost as much as buying pre-made parallettes. Then you do not even get the benefits of the professionally built ones.

Some of the guides forget to mention just how much it costs to build parallettes out of PVC. Go take a trip to your local hardware store or check out their website. All of those PVC parts can add up to a lot of money. If you do not have the tools to put together the parts you will soon find out that those tools are not free either. While not extremely costly, the tools are not free. Making your own can be a fun project but they often do not look very nice once they are done.

Here is an example of a custom built PVC parallettes set.

In comparison, the parallettes we make at Vita Vibe look great.

Another problem with PVC parallettes is that they are not as strong as ones made out of wood or aluminum. Professionally built parallettes set can hold up a lot of weight. They can handle the abuse of daily use. PVC tends to flex and bend if you put a lot of pressure on it. Our aluminum parallettes set will not bend or break from normal use. Check out this guys set and what happens when he puts pressure on it. Not confidence inspiring!

It is more than just not confidence inspiring. Some people have had the PVC break on them. PVC is not meant for this type of use. It can actually be quite dangerous. You could end up with broken bones should the PVC break on you like it did with this guy.

If you want the very best parallettes for your money, ones that will last for many years, you want to buy them from Vita Vibe. With our 10 year warranty you can be assured that your set will last a long time. We would love to have your business. Check out our aluminum parallettes set to read more about them. You can also check out our wood parallettes and our mini parallettes if you are not interested in the full size aluminum set.

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