Professional Aluminum Single Bar Floor Mount Fitness Barre System (Fixed Height)
8' system shown. The number of floor stanchions provided varies by system length. Please see System Components tab for more information.

Professional Aluminum Single Bar Floor Mount Fitness Barre System (Fixed Height)

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EF48-P - EF480-P

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Barre Length
4' Barre System [$179.95 each]
5' Barre System [$189.95 each]
6' Barre System [$199.95 each]
8' Barre System [$289.95 each]
9' Barre System [$299.95 each]
10' Barre System [$307.95 each]
12' Barre System [$398.95 each]
16' Barre System [$507.95 each]
20' Barre System [$614.95 each]
24' Barre System [$724.95 each]
28' Barre System [$834.95 each]
32' Barre System [$943.95 each]
36' Barre System [$1,052.95 each]
40' Barre System [$1,162.95 each]
Overall Barre Height
(distance from base plate to top of barre)
36 Inches
39 Inches
42 Inches

Perfect for commercial and home use for barre fitness 

Floor mounted barres for ultimate stability - the solution when wall mounted barres are not an option such as in front

        of existing mirrors or windows

Systems consist of 2 components: B2FT Professional Aluminum Barres and EFS2 Single Fixed Height Fitness Floor Stanchions.

Longer length barre systems over 8' ship in multiple barre sections. See the systems components tab above.

Satin Silver powder coated aluminum barres (.100" wall thickness) 1-1/2" diameter - ideal for hands of all sizes

Powder coated finish has an anti-microbial quality which inhibits the growth and transmission of harmful microbes/germs.

Floor Stanchions are made of heavy gauge steel and feature a light textured matte black powder coated finish and have an added support

        brace on the back for additional strength.  

        Available in your choice of 36”, 39” or 42” baseplate to top of barre height.

The number of stanchions required depends on the length of the barre. (See the systems components tab above.)                        

        Our stock systems are configured for our recommended 4’ stanchion spacing.

When barres meet in a corner take 1’ off each barre dimension so that the barres do not touch in the corner.

Stanchions may be placed anywhere along the barre length.

Barres are joined together inside the stanchion collars for a continuous length look.

Screws are provided for use underneath each bracket collar to secure the barres. Hardware for mounting into the floor is not provided as it

        will depend entirely on your floor type and what your installer feels will mount most securely. 

        Hardware may be purchased at a local hardware or home improvement store.

Stanchion baseplate is 6” x 6” and has (4) 1/2" diameter holes, so you will need to use 3/8" diameter anchors.

The distance from the rear edge of the floor stanchion to the front of the barre is approximately 7”.

Black barre end-caps are provided.

Proudly made in the USA

Exclusive 10-Year Limited Warranty

Barres supports 150 lbs. per linear foot of static weight when properly installed.

Allow at least 2 feet of barre space per person, or more depending on the activity. 

Aluminum barres are easily wiped cleaned with a non-abrasive mild cleaner.

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