Escutcheon Plates

Floor mount stanchions must be mounted properly and secured into the sub-floor a minimum of 2”, so we strongly recommend you have a contractor or qualified installer do it. The hardware to mount the floor stanchions to the floor is not provided with your floor stanchions, because this will depend entirely on the type of flooring you have and your requirements to securely install it. Each 6" x 6" floor stanchion base has (4) 1/2" diameter holes, so you will need to use 3/8" diameter anchors.

When possible, it is ideal to mount the floor stanchions to the sub-floor first then build or cut the flooring around them. Be sure to consider this height difference when specifying the base to top of barre height so that your barre will ultimately be at the height you desire. (This is not always possible as most users do install the floor stanchions on top of their flooring.)

When you are dropping the floor stanchions into the flooring, our escutcheon cover plates may be used to cover the cutout areas.  After installation, determine the largest cut out area you have made and call us to order custom escutcheon cover plates that will measure at least 1” larger (on all sides) than the largest hole you have.  All escutcheons would be made the same size so that is why it is important to make them for the largest hole.  The escutcheon cover plates will be powder coated to match the same color floor stanchions you have ordered.

If you have our Fitness floor stanchions with the additional support piece on the backs, it will be critical to know how deep you have dropped the floor stanchions into the flooring to properly make the escutcheons plates with the holes in the correct locations.

Please have your order number ready along with an idea of how large you want the plates to be. 

Please call 864-288-8934